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gmail IMAP access UK

I was delighted to see Google's announcment of IMAP access to gmail, then disappointed to find that my gmail settings page didn't provide the IMAP option.

Google evidently don't know how to say "IMAP" in english english!

Solution: Log in to Gmail. Go to your settings page. Change your language setting to English (US); Save Changes and the option appears: Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Use this tab to enable IMAP access, then you can go back to English (UK).


Alistair said...

Excellent! I was wondering why mine or none of the UK accounts I checked had IMAP as an option. Thanks a lot for working this one out.

Guy said...

Thats an amazing tip. I couldn't understand why it was not there, it started to make me think that the google video showing imap was a hoax. Cool thats going to work brilliantly on my new iphone next week!!

Andrew Gee said...

Now in the gmail faq, it says that if you just enable POP3, IMAP will also be enabled at the same time.

Lewis said...

does it work if u click GMAIL in the iphone email screen

Jon Connell said...

Dude, that's awesome. Well discovered!

Jack said...

'gmail imap uk' in google found this helpful little nugget.