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iSync with a Google calendar

First you have to subscribe to the Google calendar from iCal.

You look under Calendar Details on; you want the iCal format. Google tells you, Please use the following address to access your calendar from other applications.

Right-click to Copy Link Location. Then, in iCal, under the Calendar menu, select Subscribe..., and paste in the URL.

This works - but note that iCal stores the link as

Now you can set up iSync to synchronise this calendar with your phone. Launch iSync, add the phone as a device if you haven't already done so. Select the phone icon and select which calendars to synchronise. Note that this is really copy, from Google Calendar to your phone, rather than sync, since events modified on your phone (or in iCal) don't change on Google Calendar. Maybe the iPhone will do better?


Xavier said...

Also you could use Spanning Sync. I don't think it is cheap ($25 x year, or $65 x lifetime), but I've read it's a very good product. I'm about to start my 15 day trial.

Support said...


This article is good and informative.

yours truly,

thomas røst said...

Is there anyway to reverse this. I use iCal and sync it with my Nokia through iSync, but would like to have the googlecalender to work as a "slave", sorta being able to read of the calendar whereever i have the option... So, the question is "how to have iSync write events to the g-cal?

Tom said...

I have just bought a Nokia e71, and I intend to use iSync for contacts, and GooSync (free version) for syncing with Google calendar.

Il Gigante said...

thanks a lot... i recreated the right configuration to sync the whole calendars! :)

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