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Missing Google Spreadsheets

I've recently started using Google Apps for various collaborative tasks. These are great!

5 March 2007: Panic over—spreadsheets returned a few days ago!

But a few days ago, all my spreadsheets disappeared; replaced by the following message.

Sorry! We are experiencing technical difficulties and can only show word processing documents. Try again

I've now found the relevant help article. The third suggestion works for me: get into spreadsheets by creating a new spreadsheet, then use File>Open... from the menus.

My spreadsheets are missing. What do I do?

If you're having problems finding your spreadsheets, these suggestions might help:

- Make sure that you are logged in to Google Docs & Spreadsheets with the address you formerly used to sign in to Google Spreadsheets. Although you may be able to sign in to Google Docs & Spreadsheets with other Google Accounts, only the email/password combo formerly associated with Google Spreadsheets will allow you access to your spreadsheets.

- Near the top right corner of the active documents and spreadsheets page, click on "Browse Docs & Spreadsheets," then click on "All." This will show every document and spreadsheet associated with the account you're signed in with.

- If you're still unable to find your spreadsheets, click on the "New Spreadsheets" link from the document and spreadsheets list page. Once this opens, click on "File" > "Open." If listed, you can access your missing spreadsheets from this menu.

- If you have used the "move old documents" feature, and are missing your spreadsheets after this move, log in to the account from which these documents were moved. You should see your spreadsheets in this account. From here, you can add your new account as a collaborator on each of the spreadsheets, and consolidate your documents and spreadsheets in this way."

If none of these suggestions help you find and access your spreadsheets, please contact us so that we can investigate the situation further.