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pdftk doesn't rotate pdfs

pdftk - A handy tool for manipulating PDF

Highly recommended: I use it for concatenating pdf documents, or selecting a subset of pages. I get it via fink, but you can also find it online. Unfortunately, pdftk doesn't allow you to rotate pages. lets you rotate and save pdfs: ⌘-L, ⌘-R, or use the menu—to rotate a single page, hold the option (alt) key while doing this.


Skype Out? Use Gizmo or Jajah!

Error in Skype’s Software Shuts Down Phone Service

Never mind!

Gizmo works just like Skype—free calls to other Gizmo users, cheap calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide. Unlike Skype it uses open standards (SIP), so it is compatible with other VoIP tools, such as Asterisk.

Jajah uses a different model—cheap or free calls between landlines or mobiles worldwide, set up from the internet. You can set calls up from any browser, or your symbian phone can set up the call via a GPRS/EDGE data connection or SMS message, giving cheap calls from your mobile to POTS numbers worldwide.

In any case, Skype may cost more than you bargained for.