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iPhone 3.0

released at 17:25 GMT 230.1MB

17:28 GMT still downloading ...

17:45 GMT up and running—it feels faster

Apple don't make it easy to find the instructions for using new features.

You can test MMS by sending a picture to yourself (the interface in messages, which was SMS, lets you take and send a picture, or send one from your photo album). If MMS doesn't work, prompt O2 to direct your MMS messages to your phone (instead of to a web page as before) by texting the message "MMS" to 1010.

To see Google StreetView on maps, drop a pin on the street you want to view. The StreetView icon appears on the pin label; click it. (This isn't new to 3.0, but it's new to me.)

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Mark said...

If your MMS still doesn't work even after phoning O2 and sending the message to 1010 then your MMS settings are probably wrong. I've got a PAYG iPhone 3GS on a simplicity tariff and the MMS settings need to be not mobile. and certainly not idata.

Took me at least 3 calls to O2 to get that one sorted.