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Wireless Keyboard lost?

How to make a bluetooth device a favorite

My MacBook Air has problems finding my wireless keyboard. It is paired, but not seen. I have to go through the whole rigmarole of adding a new device to make it visible. Why?

Sometimes Bluetooth preferences lets me connect; sometimes not.

My Keyboard isn't a favourite! Solving this should be easy—just use Bluetooth panel in System Preferences.

There's an obvious button to press in Tiger; but on Leopard it's hidden.


Open Bluetooth Preferences ...

Select your device (Keyboard or whatever).

For an immediate fix select Connect from the settings menu.

For something longer-lasting, select Show More Info

The trick: From the settings menu (which has now changed) select Add to Favorites. You're done.

Sometimes it shows connected but still no keystrokes appear: Disconnect and then Connect using the settings menu.

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