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Live video from an iSight camera

How can you use your iSight camera without iChat? You can capture live video from your iSight camera directly into iMovie HD.

You must have iChat AV on your computer. If you have a stand-alone iSight camera, turn it on by opening the privacy shutter.

  • If iChat AV launches automagically, quit it.
  • Start iMovie HD.
  • Click the mode switch to set iMovie HD to camera mode.
  • Click the camera icon to the left of the mode switch and choose iSight or Built-in iSight from the pop-up menu—you also have the option to make a time-lapse recording.
  • Click the Record With iSight button at the bottom of the iMovie monitor.
  • The video you see in the iMovie monitor is recorded as a clip in the Clips pane.
  • Click Record With iSight again to stop recording.

For still photography with iSight, use Photo Booth.

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Anonymous said...

that's NOT live video... that's recorded video.