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LATEX Equation Editor

La TeX Equation Editor
In an earlier post I mentioned LATEXiT, by Pierre Chatelier. The LATEX Equation Editor is similar in function—and not entirely dissimilar in appearance.
I'm not sure yet which I prefer. Both are free—try both. If you already downloaded LATEXiT last year, make sure you try the latest version.
If you have a Fink tetex installation, you must set the preferences for LATEX Equation Editor to specify that LATEX is in /sw/bin/ and ghostscript in /sw/share.
LaTeX Equation Editor prefences See also mimetex and LATEX render.


steve renals said...

LaTeXiT has the advantage of being linkback enabled, and hence re-editing equations in (e.g.) an OmniGraffle illustration is very easy

Ronaldo Menezes said...

Does anyone know what can we do to make this work on Intel macs? It used to work perfectly on my powerpc but it does not work on my new intel.