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Printing to DICE printers

You have to be connected inside the DICE firewall (eg. by physical connection, informatics wireless, or ssh) to use the printers ...

On a DICE machine, use the Unix command printers -s to list the available printers, + information on models, printservers, and location. (See man printers for other options.)

Use the Printer Setup Utility (in /Applications/Utilities/ on the Mac) to add a new printer:

IP Printing
Printer type: LPD/LPR
Printer Address:
Queue Name: lwa
Printer Model HP LaserJet 4050 Series

Printer Type
Printer Address
is the address of the server
Queue Name
is the name of the printer
Printer Model
can be left as Generic. However, if you get it right you can access printer-specific options from the OSX print dialogs.

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