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Anonymous said...

I suddenly have a problem similar to this, only it goes one step further in that the "Built In Output" is not even an option in either the Sound panel or Audio/MIDI setup. The only option I have is for "Digital Output" which gives me no controls and, obviously, no sound. Its as if the Built-in Audio drivers have simply disappeared. Does this problem sound familiar to you or anyone here?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am experiencing the exact same problem with my Powerbook G4 running 10.4.10 with both input and output inbuilt devices "not found" in the system preferences/sound panel. Although 2 x sound devices still appear in the system profiler, how do I activate these devices?
Can you or anyone advise.
Meanwhile I'll re-install OS 10.4.1 (Archive) and hope.

Michael Fourman said...

This is the Audio MIDI Setup app (found in Applications/Utilities on my Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo). I don't find this app on my Powerbook G4.

Under Properties for: choose Built-in Output

The Powerbook G4 has a special digital output port